According to media reports Tesla's autopilot software FSD Beta 10.12 has been updated and will be tested by employees after the public beta.

It is reported that the new version be updated which includes a large number of automatic driving code , which means that many new problems will be discovered during the testing process. The new version of FSD brings many upgrades to Tesla's turning system, including an upgrade to the lane neural network architecture to improve the safety of turning at intersections, and in particular, has improved the underlying framework involved in left-turn decisions.

News tell that after this update, the speed of Tesla's automatic steering function will increase to 85 mph (about 137 km/h). This may suggest Tesla is becoming more confident in its Autopilot software, as well as its vision-based Autopilot system.

However, the new version of FSD is currently being rolled out only to the  company employees, who evaluate the update for security before releasing it to customers participating in the FSD beta program. If all goes well, one million people will be testing the software by the end of this year. It's worth noting that Tesla may lower the required safety score for customers who join the beta program, from 97 and above previously to 95 and above. 

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