A few days ago, according to media reports,Tesla has restored the weekly production of its Shanghai factory to nearly 70% of the pre-epidemic.

Tesla had previously added a second shift of employees at its Shanghai factory, from a single shift to a double shift, and is expected to increase production this week, the people said. Tesla declined to comment on the report.

Returning production to pre-pandemic levels has been a challenge for Tesla's Shanghai factory. before, the factory was temporarily closed for 22 days due to the COVID-19. Although the Shanghai government has provided a lot of help for Tesla to restart production, Tesla still encountered many obstacles, such as a shortage of workers, and logistics problems affecting the supply of Tesla parts, including wiring harnesses, forcing Tesla to repeatedly Postponing plans to restart production and increase production.

Data showed that between the restart on April 19 and the end of April, Tesla’s Shanghai factory produced 10,757 vehicles and sold 1,512 of them, far lower than the 65,754 in March, and the same time since 2020. The lowest sales since April.

It is reported that relevant departments in Shanghai will start to cancel many conditions for enterprises to resume work this Wednesday (June 1). In addition, Shanghai govement has also introduced a series of policies to vigorously promote automobile consumption, including an increase of 40,000 non-commercial passenger vehicle license plates during the year, and a phased reduction of the purchase tax for some passenger vehicles in accordance with national policy requirements. In addition, before December 31, 2022, individual consumers who scrap or transfer a passenger car registered in Shanghai and meet the relevant standards and purchase a pure electric vehicle will be given a financial subsidy of 10,000 RMB per vehicle. The government will also realize the coordinated resumption of work by upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain and supply chain, and steadily increase the production rate of enterprises.

With the support of a series of policies, Tesla's Shanghai factory production is expected to return to normal soon, and is expected to fully return to normal levels next month.