The installation steps for a Tesla Model Y carbon fiber tail spoiler may vary depending on the specific vehicle model and wing design. We recommend that you consult your vehicle's user manual or contact Tesla customer service for specific installation guidelines. Here are some general installation steps for your reference:

modely tail spoiler

Clean the rear of the vehicle: Use an automotive cleaner and cleaning cloth or sponge to clean the rear of the vehicle to ensure the surface is clean, dry, and free of any dirt or residue.
Position the wing: Place the wing in the center of the rear of the vehicle and position it to the desired location.
Confirm wing position: Use tools such as an angle meter to confirm that the tail spoiler is level and meets your requirements for positioning.
Mark the installation position: Use removable marking tape to mark the spoiler's position on the vehicle for later installation.
Install brackets: Follow the tail spoiler installation guidelines to install the tail spoiler brackets on the vehicle.

Install the wing: Gently place the tail spoiler on the brackets and secure the tail spoiler to the vehicle using screws and nuts.
Confirm the fastening: Use a torque wrench to ensure that all screws and nuts are securely fastened according to the recommended torque in the tail spoiler installation guidelines.
Check the installation: Check that the wing is securely fastened and in the correct position, and ensure that all installation components are tightly connected.
Test drive: After installing the tail spoiler, conduct a test drive to ensure that the wing does not affect the stability and handling of the vehicle.
Please note that installing a wing requires some mechanical knowledge and skills. If you have no experience or are unsure, seek the help of a professional or consult Tesla customer service.