A good horse with a good saddle, a good car with a good mat! After the Tesla Model Y is in hand, the Model Y floor mats are indispensable and must-have in-vehicle supplies. However, most people do not know how the floor mats are helpful to driving, and how to choose a suitable Tesla mat. Therefore, the blogger is writing this article to provide some information of Tesla mats, for your references. The article includes the following parts: 1. The importance of car floor mats; 2. Points to consider when buying floor mats; 3. Common types of car floor mats; 4. Description of Tesla GX floor mats; 5. Functions of Tesla GX Tesla Model Y floor mats. I hope it can provide guidance to car owners who plan to buy mats for their cars.

Is the Floor Mat Necessary for Tesla Model Y?

I haven't paid much attention to car mats before. It wasn't until a tragedy happened that I realized that a good car mat turned out to be so important. After I bought a Tesla Model Y, I felt that the floor mat is dispensable, so I didn't buy it. However, one day, I ate spicy hotpot in the car and accidentally spilled it. When I stopped to clean up, the soup and oil stains had leaked out of the mat and left marks in the car. Because the oil stains are sticky and difficult to clean up, I wiped the car several times before cleaning it up. It really hurts, after all, the car is newly bought.

In daily life, shoes also bring about dirt on your feet into the car. If there are no floor mats, then your car will be very difficult to clean and looks unsightly. The foot mat is an environmentally friendly car interior that integrates the five main functions of water absorption, dust absorption, decontamination, sound insulation, and protection of the host blanket. It is also an interior decoration to protect the cleanliness of the car and play a beautiful and comfortable embellishment effect. The texture of the foot mat and the aesthetics of the pattern will directly affect the viewing effect and comfort in the car.

What Should We Pay Attention to When Buying Tesla Car Mats?
Many people like to cherish their Tesla and pay attention to the maintenance of their cars, so they hope that the clean ones in the car are just like their own homes. Then how do we choose a good floor mat? What should we pay attention to during the purchase process? Let us look down.

1. Comfortability.

There are cushions between your feet and the vehicle ground, which can reduce body shaking during driving. So it is very important to have a good "feet" of the foot cushion. It’s like a person’s feet with an extra air cushion, the feet will be more stable and can make driving more comfortable

2. Safety

We must consider the material composition in the foot mats. Most of floor mats have flame retardants, which can effectively block the burning of open flames and cigarette butts. A pair of qualified floor mats is very important for safety. Because the manufacturers specially design floor mats in special and appropriate size, they help drivers to drive with safe feet.

3. Anti-slip ability.

This is actually very important. In many cases, our shoes are wet. If the floor mats are not anti-slip, it is very likely that accidents will occur when the brakes need to be stepped on, which will eventually lead to tragedies.

4. Environmental protection

After all, the space in the car is limited, so the owner must choose a floor mat with no smell and ultra-low formaldehyde content. In this way, the harm to the human body can be minimized.

5. Aesthetics

A good horse comes with a good saddle. Of course, your own Tesla also needs a suitable and high-grade floor mat to decorate and match, in order to appear more beautiful.

Everyone should consider these factors, so that you can buy comfortable, safe, non-slip, durable and beautiful Tesla Model Y floor mats.

What Are the Common Car Floor Mats?
In this section, the author analyzes several common types of popular Model Y floor mats. The common car mats on the market mainly including: leather floor mats, plush floor mats, silk loop floor mats, and TPE floor mats. Car mats of different materials have different characteristics. I sum them up as follows:

1. Leather floor mats
The main feature of leather floor mats is that their laying in the car's high-end atmosphere and are cost-effective. However, they are not as good as silk loop mats and TPE mats in terms of dirt and water absorption.

2. Plush floor mats
They are good-looking and comfortable to use, but they are not resistant to dirt and are not easy to clean. Some female drivers can use it, and its market is not mainstream.

3. Silk loop floor mats
The silk loop holds high-quality environmentally friendly resin powder PVC compound. Creators melt and extrude them at high temperature. It has super elasticity, does not deform when squeezed, and does not contain combustible ingredients. However, the silk loop has a strong ability to hide dirt and dirt. After staining the sewage on the foot mat, it is easy to enter the inside of the foot pad, so users should clean it frequently. They are really tough to clean, and always difficult to clean up completely.

4. TPE floor mats
They have same advantages as silk loop floor mats, waterproof and non-slip, but are even more excellent. They are very light because of the new TPE material which has good water resistance. Compared with the trouble of traditional leather floor mats that you cannot wash, you can directly wash TPE floor mats with a water gun, and load it into a car after drying. It is also more convenient to take care of. Moreover, this material is very wear-resistant and has a long service life.

5. Rubber Floor Mat
The rubber floor mat is a very environmentally friendly and healthy floor mat. This is because the material of the floor mat is natural rubber and synthetic rubber, which is green and environmentally friendly. Naturally, people are more at ease in the process of using it.

We can see that the TPE floor mats and rubber floor mats are the winners. Basically, they can meet all your needs. So I personally prefect TPE or rubber material floor mats, and I also recommend that you try outstanding TPE and rubber Tesla Model Y floor mats.

Description of Tesla Model Y Floor Mats
In this section, the author will respectively describe TPE and rubber Tesla floor mats by introducing two Tesla GX Model Y floor mats to you in the aspects of features, material and functions.

TPE Car Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y/3

With these floor mats, you get a perfect fit and a tough material that will last the wear and tear of everyday life. If you’re looking for a great deal on TPE floor mats for your Model Y, look no further than these mats. All you need to do is place your order and wait for it to come in the mail!

These floor mats' material is non-toxic and odorless TPE, tough and durable. This kind of material allow the mats to get better wear-resistant heat-resistant, and flexible.

Waterproof 3D Rubber Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y/3

Tesla GX 3D floor mats are custom-designed accessories for Tesla Model Y and Model 3. There are 3 pieces in a complete set, precisely measured and designed to fit Tesla Model Y and Model 3 Perfectly. Very easy to install, users can just put them inside and adjust to the proper position.

The material of these Tesla Model Y floor mats is high-quality odorless rubber(TPR+XPE), very comfortable for daily use. And thermoplastic rubber is the material of the first layer. TPR has the advantages of high elasticity, good air permeability, high strength, and very low temperature resistance, high friction coefficient and strong grip. XPE is a chemically cross-linked polyethylene foaming material with low-density polyethylene resin, cross-linking agent and foaming agent through high-temperature continuous foaming. This kind of strong material cooperates with excellent rubber material to make these floor mats more durable to use.

Next, I would like to talk about the functions of them.

Functions of above two Tesla GX Tesla Model Y floor mats:
First, protect the original car carpet to ensure that there will not be too much friction and damage, and at the same time enhance the visual effect of the car to make it more beautiful and stylish.

Second, increase driving comfort and safety. The first is comfort. The floor mats provide a buffer zone between your feet and the vehicle floor, which can reduce the shaking of your feet during driving. Just like an air cushion under your feet, your feet will be more stable and comfortable. The second is safety. The non-slip effect of the floor mats also contribute to the safety and stability of driving.

Third, with the effect of sound insulation and shock resistance, Tesla GX car mats can reduce the noise generated by the chassis and tires to a certain extent. At the same time, they have a certain buffer effect on the vibration transmitted from the body to the feet.

Fourth, the water absorption, dust absorption, and decontamination functions. Generally speaking, the sole of your shoe brings about most of the water stains, dust and sundries inside the car shoe. These floor mats can effectively absorb the dirt on the soles and prevent the residual moisture and dirt on the soles from sliding with the brake and accelerator. While avoiding potential safety hazards, it also reduces the possibility of environmental pollution and damage to the interior of the car, which protects the health of the car owner and the car.

The above is the advice on how to choose car floor mats and which is the best choice for car mats. The blogger recommended two Tesla Model Y floor mats to those who plan to buy floor mats for their cars. And these two Tesla floor mats are also suitable for Model 3. A good floor mat not only protects your car floor and makes it clean and tidy, but also protects the safety of the driver and makes your Tesla more beautiful. Floor mats has been listed as the most notable accessories, go and choose a foot pad that fits your Model Y. As far as we know, if you go to Tesla GX to buy now, there are many discounts and promotions.