The Tesla Model Y seat covers will be touted by the majority of Model Y owners in 2021 and are considered to be the most high-end Tesla accessories in 2022. However, what is the reason for this phenomenon? Let's explore together. After buying a Model Y, everyone will think about adding something to their car to protect the fragile parts of the car. The seat is a part that we often touch, and it is a common operation to add a Model Y seat cover on it.

Is it necessary to install Tesla Model Y seat covers?
Many car owners don’t know whether to buy a car seat when buying a car. In fact, the car seat is very important to protect the car itself and human health! The blogger will talk about why your Tesla needs Tesla Model Y seat covers. Protection is the most reasonable reason to install seat covers. Because when the driver sits on the seat, the surface of the seat is deformed. Long-term deformation will make the leather seat lose its toughness. In addition, the high temperature accelerates the aging of the leather when the sunlight enters the car in the afternoon, causing the leather seat to crack, and the inferior seat may even be damaged and gray. After installing the Model Y seat cover, the leather seat can relieve the deformation of the seat cushion to a certain extent, can avoid sunlight and extend the service life.

To help Tesla owners solve the above-mentioned series of problems, Tesla GX has launched this set of Tesla Model Y seat Covers. Its fully enclosed design can perfectly protect the Tesla seat 360 degrees from the sun. At the same time, there is no need to worry about oil stains on the seats. In the case of knitwear seats, adding Model 3 seat covers can give the owner a more comfortable riding experience, while reducing the wear of knitwear and extending the service life of the car seat.

Tesla Model Y seat covers
5 reasons to choose Tesla GX Model Y seat cover
Some car owners buy cheap Tesla seat covers of inferior materials, which emit toxic substances, breed harmful bacteria, cause skin aging, and even allergies. And Tesla GX fully considers from the user's point of view, while providing them with affordable prices and high-quality, healthy Tesla Model Y seat covers. These Tesla Model Y seat covers are suitable for Tesla Model Y and Mode 3.

1. Provide 360°all-round protection.
The high-grade nappa leather Model seat covers on the surface strongly protects the original car seat, prevents stains, scratches, stabs or scratches, thereby effectively prolonging the service life of the original car seat. Compared with ordinary leather, this leather is quite superior, scratch-resistant and abrasion resistant. With it, you don't have to worry about pets or children destroying the seat. Wrap the seat 360 degrees to protect it from dust, liquids, and dirt, and keep it clean. If you accidentally soil the seat, you only need to wipe it with a paper towel or towel to clean it.
2. The design of the Tesla Y seat covers is reasonable.
Some car owners worry that if the Tesla Model Y seat covers are installed, it may affect the bounce of the airbag, which may increase the risk in the event of an accident. Do not worry! The airbag opening of this set of Tesla Model Y seat covers is located on the side of the Tesla seat cover, which will not affect the use of the airbag at all. In addition, the middle of the rear Tesla seat cover adopts a zipper design, which will not affect the normal use of the rear armrest. Each Y-shaped seat cover retains the position of the seat belt buckle, which will not affect the use of the seat belt. Tesla GX has taken care of all the issues that car owners worry about!

3. Provide a comfortable driving experience.
Driving for a long time, the driver’s waist, legs and neck will be tired. This is because the legs and arms must be stretched forward while driving, and most of the body’s power transmission will pass through the waist. Therefore, driving or sitting improperly for a long time will cause pain in the waist, legs and neck. A good Tesla seat cover will be designed according to ergonomics, healthy and comfortable, and can relieve fatigue well. Compared with other leathers, the Nappa leather is softer, which effectively improves the comfort of the seat during riding; plus the soft and comfortable foam inside ensures that the user sits comfortably, making driving more pleasant and relaxing.

4. Support four seasons to protect the seat.
Nappa leather is waterproof and anti-permeable, not easy to age, and has a longer hydrolysis resistance and longer service life than ordinary leather. The coating is thinner, which can show the natural beauty of animal skins. It is not only wear-resistant, but also has good breathability, breathable in summer and warm in winter.

5. Decorate the car interior
As the saying goes, people rely on clothes, horses and saddles. The same is true for cars. A stylish and unique car seat cushion can undoubtedly enhance the viewing effect and temperament of the whole car, and it also reflects the self-cultivation and taste of the owner. Therefore, it is necessary to pick a good cushion. The leather surface of the Tesla GX seat cover looks bright and evenly transparent. The advanced and smooth surface instantly upgrades the Tesla style; looking inside the seat from the outside of the car, it looks like a few wild horses ready to go. Surprisingly, Tesla GX offers a variety of colors and styles of seat covers for Tesla owners to choose from. Among them, white Tesla Model Y seat covers create a pure Tesla Model Y white interior; black is calm, beige is elegant, green is eye-catching, and there are other very beautiful colors. You can go to Tesla GX official website for specific information.

Snap up the Tesla Model Y seat covers now!
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